On 10/14/2016 1:46 PM, Sinkler, Wharton wrote:
I've got a new Cygwin installation on Win7, which has issues with configure, 
the first step of building packages from source (I've seen this with 
ImageMagick, libtiff and others so it's not specific to the package I'm 

It seems to sporadically be unable to remove a file 'conftest.exe' which is 
compiled in the tests within configure.  This shows up during configure as:

rm: cannot remove 'conftest.exe': Device or resource busy

The configure will then fail completely when this causes a critical test to 

I suspect that this might have something to do with slowness to release an 
in-use file (the conftest.exe) in the Win7 operating system.  I've searched the 
archives and don't see this exact issue showing up in previous posts.  Have 
others experienced this problem?  Is there a fix which will allow me to 
complete building these packages?

Do you have security software installed that might be interfering with Cygwin?


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