Bill Smith wrote:

> Thanks for all of the responses from everyone. 
> > If you need to do interactive debugging, run it under cmd or with cygstart.
> [Bill Smith] it seems that an ok workaround is for me to use cygstart to 
> start a command prompt within a Cygwin shell and then in the command prompt, 
> run the program which calls DebugBreak and cause the popup to appear.  The 
> reason for needing to run within Cygwin is because we have a complex shell 
> script that sets the user environment to run the application.

OK, if that is the only reason for using cygwin, I can recommend another
way to run a complex shell script in windows.
There is a native windows port of the bash shell in

If you need more unix command line utilities, look in

HTH, Wilfried
Wilfried Hennings

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