On 04/02/2018 03:19, Steven Penny wrote:
On Sat, 12 Oct 2013 23:48:00, <cygwin at kosowsky dot org> wrote:
The installed.db seems to always list packages as being tar.bz2 even
when they are tar.xz.

Is there any reason for this? Or is it a bug?


This is an old thread, but it appears this issue was never answered and
persists. For example, /etc/setup/installed.db has entries like this:

it is an historical shortcut in the setup code.
".tar.bz2" is just added to package name and version,
it is not really derived from the package file

$ grep -H  "tar.bz2" package_db.cc
package_db.cc: pkgm.name + "-" + std::string(pkgm.installed.Canonical_version()) + ".tar.bz2 " +

When we moved from bz2 to xz, that shortcut was not changed.


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