On 13/02/2018 06:56, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2016-07-25 12:34, Marco Atzeri wrote:
building librsb I hit a very unusual AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
definition where the extraction logic implemented in
is failing.

$ grep 'A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*' configure.ac | sed -e
's!A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*(\[*\(.*\))!\1!g' -e 's!\]*!!g'

Sorry for missing this.  Could you please test the following not just on
this package but on others:

grep 'A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*' configure.ac | \
sed -e 's!A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*(\[*\([^],]*\).*)!\1!g'

It took more time to remember where I hit the issue.


It seems to work, or at least it does not throw anymore an error.

I will continue to use the attached patch for my normal builds.


--- autotools.cygclass.bk       2018-02-13 09:49:21.751427000 +0100
+++ autotools.cygclass  2018-02-13 10:02:36.667625900 +0100
@@ -547,7 +547,7 @@
                        auxdir="$(grep '^[^\#]*AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR' 
${sub_configure_ac} | sed -e 's!.*AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(\[*\(.*\))!\1!g' -e 
-                       config_h="$(grep 'A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*' 
${sub_configure_ac} | sed -e 's!A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*(\[*\(.*\))!\1!g' -e 
+                       config_h="$(grep 'A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*' 
${sub_configure_ac} | sed -e 's!A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*(\[*\([^],]*\).*)!\1!g')";
                        if defined config_h
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