On 13 February 2018 at 21:35, Gary Furash wrote:
> Regardless of how I toggle the version on Cygwin Setup, I get FZF version
> 0.8.9. The current version (0.17) has lots of cool features and settings.
> How do we get that?

Per Yaakov's email, I'm nominally the fzf maintainer for Cygwin, but
the upstream fzf project has abandoned the Ruby-based script and, in
doing so, native Cygwin support. Cygwin is currently stuck on 0.8.9
until someone either ports a Golang compiler to Cygwin, or starts
maintaining a fork of the Ruby version of fzf. Sadly I don't have time
for either.

The upstream project does have partial support for running fzf 0.17 on
Cygwin, by providing a Windows-native compiled 64-bit binary. That's
not supported by this mailing list, however – you'll need to go to the
upstream project if you hit any problems – and it has the very
significant limitation that it doesn't work with MinTTY.


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