On 03/03/2018 23:00, Robert Cohen wrote:
Summary of problem:
When installing Cygwin from a local directory, setup-x86_64.exe version 2.889 
list the packages that I additionally selected for download when previously 
to that directory, and the top line of the GUI under Category view says "No packages 
Continuing the install only installs the packages preselected by setup.

Thanks for reporting this problem.

To install a fresh version of Cygwin, I usually do this: Run setup-x86_64.exe
using "Download Without Installing", select some additional packages, and then 
everything finished, I rerun setup-x86_64.exe using "Install from Local 
Directory",  and then
the GUI, under Category view, shows "All <-> Default", beneath which is a 
list including the packages preselected by setup along with the additional ones 
that I selected
when downloading.

Here's the problem: I performed the above process using today's version of 
from cygwin.com, which according to setup.ini is setup version 2.889, and the
"Download Without Installing" setup worked as expected. However, when I next
did "Install from Local Directory" using that directory, instead of showing 
"All<->Default", it
showed "No packages found<->Default", and only the packages preselected by
setup were not going to be skipped. I tried changing "Default" to "Install" at 
top level of the list, but that then selected everything for install, not just 
the preselected
packages and the additional ones I had downloaded. I repeated this process using
a few different mirror sites for the download phase, but that made no 

Interestingly, if I copy an older version of setup-x86_64.exe into my 
directory, e.g. setup-x86_64.exe version 2.880, the GUI is able to find the 
selected packages
that I had already downloaded using setup version 2.889, after of course giving 
a few warnings
about the current ini file being from a newer version of setup. In other words, 
if I download
using setup v2.889, then when subsequently installing from that directory, 
setup v2.889 doesn't
know what additional packages I had selected, whereas setup v2.880 does know.

I'm wondering if I'm not doing something correctly, or if there is an issue 
with version 2.889 of
setup-x86_64.exe not finding packages that were additionally selected for 

I built an updated setup with some attempted fixes for these problems.


Perhaps you could try that and see if it improves things for you?

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