On Aug 12 22:44, Takashi Yano wrote:
> [...]
> (4) Segmentation fault occurs in some cases regarding signalfd.
> [...]
> However, I can not find out the cause of problem (4). This seems
> to affect only 32bit version of cygwin.
> To reproduce (4), use a simple test case attached (signalfd-chk.c).
> Compile it and execute, then type 'q' or '^C' to stop it.
> This causes segmentation fault.
> I am not sure why, but, the patch attached (signalfd-segfault.diff)
> resolves the problem (4).
> Could you please have a look?

Will do.  The place where it supposedly crashes looks weird.  But
I don't see how your patch should be the right thing to do.


Corinna Vinschen
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