XWin has never had a permanent picture with OpenGL. Any movement "damages" all 
windows. I know I've looked at it before, but I checked its window/class styles 
with MS's Spy++ tool today. The normal styles that govern clipping and 
permanence look fine, but it has some weird styles that normally for disabled 
and transparent windows that I wonder are the cause for its abnormal behavior 
in this regard. No OpenGL apps that just draw only OpenGL on a window have 
XWin's problem. 

To be brief, it has these unnatural window-styles in this mail's subject line. 
Other than that, I think it may use Direct3D instead of OpenGL, but normally 
drawing OpenGL or Direct3D onto plain windows doesn't clobber other windows. I 
mean, you have to work hard to make it do something like that. 

A second, unrelated, oddity is the window decorations are sometimes classic 
style, and sometimes current style. It's very odd. It's random in the same 
session. The windows seem to undergo a transition from classic to current, but 
get stuck in classic sometimes. Maybe they are using the old "animated" show 
functions that didn't survive the version of Windows that introduced them.

Niggling things like this could be fixed. But I don't know how many people use 
Cygwin. I've used it a lot over the years myself, to do development work. XWin 
is the most stable X server. Others don't really get close. But it's kind of 
too comfortable with its crumminess too. Not that I'm going to shove my work 
aside to try to remedy it myself.

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