> They have incompatible internal startup and runtime environments including
> stuff like initialization, signal, and exit function handling
> (cygwin/newlib/gcc vs
> Windows/APIs/VC) although Cygwin can build Windows-loadable dlls and
> Windows-runnable exes and call Windows (system) dlls that don't depend on
> msvcrt.

What is interesting is that ldd on cygwin1.dll says it depends on
msvcrt.dll, but that might not be a problem ?

It seems like you could somehow fix it with this trick
https://cygwin.com/faq/faq.html#faq.programming.msvs-mingw (though I don't
really understand what difference it would make, because something seems to
be missing in the explanation (or more probably there's something I don't
understand;-) and it seems to be a bit cumbersome as well if you're having a
large product with a long lifetime)

In my honest opinion I think this disability to use cygwin-libraries from
windows-applications kind of limits some of cygwins purpose, but I do still
think cygwin is a great open source project ;-)

Best regards,

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