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> On Feb 23 22:15, Dan Shelton via Cygwin wrote:
> > HOWEVER, there is another Cygwin bug:
> > "getent group mywingrp1" does not list any group members, even after
> > "net localgroup mywingrp1 mywinuser44 /add", which is a POSIX
> > violation.
> Not a bug.  Two problems:
> - Getting members of a group can be an extremly costly operation
>   in a domain or, worse, a domain forest, or even worse, if the
>   domain or domain forest is remote.
> - Alonmg the same lines, getting members of a group can be extremly
>   costly in big orgs with thousands of users.  Nobody want's to clutter
>   up space with the list of members in the "Domain Users" group.
> - Permissions to enumerate members of a group are restricted.
>   By default only admins and group members are allow to enumerate
>   members and this can be restricted further by domain admins.
> Therefore we dropped even trying to populate gr_mem, considering
> that even in its original form on Unix systems, it's used only
> to add supplementary groups.  To do this right on Windows is even
> more costly than blindly enumerating.
> It's not a bug, it's a feature :)

Could you add an option to getent so that the full lookup can be
requested via command line, pls? Always editing /etc/nsswitch.conf
forth and back is not a elegant solution, aside from race conditions
with other users on a system

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