Hi Bruce,

On Apr  4 07:22, Bruce Jerrick via Cygwin wrote:
> As of cygwin 3.5.3-1, 'find' reports "Device or resource busy" and
> exits with status 1 on these two files:
>   $ find /cygdrive/c/{pagefile,swapfile}.sys
>   /cygdrive/c/pagefile.sys
>   find: ‘/cygdrive/c/pagefile.sys’: Device or resource busy
>   /cygdrive/c/swapfile.sys
>   find: ‘/cygdrive/c/swapfile.sys’: Device or resource busy
>   $ echo $?
>   1

Thanks for the report.

Should be fixed in cygwin-3.6.0-0.113.g38b513983590, which is
just being built and should be ready in an hour or two.

This will go into 3.5.4, of course.


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