Hi David,

On Apr  3 16:53, David Allsopp via Cygwin wrote:
> I have what appears to be a regression in Cygwin 3.5.0 which, owing to
> a CI system lagging behind, we've only just discovered.
> [...]
> $ ./t.exe 'C:\Devel\🐫реализация-mingw64\flexdll\flexdll_mingw64.o'
> stat: cannot stat
> '"C:\Devel\'$'\360\237\220\253''реализация-mingw64\flexdll\flexdll_mingw64.o':
> No such file or directory

Thanks a lot for the STC!

I think I fixed that for 3.5.4.  I pushed a patch and the test release
cygwin-3.6.0-0.115.g579064bf4d40 is just building and should be ready
for testing in an hour or two.

Please give it a try.


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