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1. Windows has DOS namespaces per user, or per Logon. Can anyone explain this from a Win32 API point of view how they are kept separate?

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2. If I have Administrator rights, is there a way in /proc where I can
/bin/ls -la  or /bin/find -ls all those DOS namespaces and soft links
to the real devices?

Cygwin exposes these MS Windows Executive Object Manager subsystem resource objects under /proc/sys/ and object namespaces are per session under /proc/sys/Sessions/ you have e.g.

$ ls -glo /proc/sys/Sessions/BNOLINKS/
total 0
lr--r--r-- 1 0 Apr 19 21:23 0 -> /proc/sys/BaseNamedObjects
lr--r--r-- 1 0 Apr 19 21:23 1 -> /proc/sys/Sessions/1/BaseNamedObjects

so each session has its own set of BaseNamedObjects, which you can list with appropriate permissions, or using a tree browser.

Under MS Windows you can use Sysinternals WinObj64 to browse the hierarchy and objects.

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