On 2024-04-21 18:25, Zhike Wang via Cygwin wrote:
Any update/advice for this topic? Or should I raise a ticket to other Cygwin 
Mailing Lists?

There are no tickets and no other lists - this is the list for Cygwin issues.

On April 18, 2024 20:29, Zhike Wang wrote:
At the moment, I use python 3.9.16 under Cygwin environment while my company IT alert me there is a severity risk for python 3.9.16 which need be upgraded to Python version 3.11.5 or newer asap.
I have tried to use Cygwin setup(setup-x86_64) to update the python version
but it looks Cygwin only support python up to version 3.9.18 at the
So I would like to check with experts when the Cygwin can support Python
3.11.5 or newer version?
Thank you very much.

It appears that this is not how python is maintained, as all python modules and packages have to be rebuilt for each major version, so fixes are applied to each supported major version e.g 3.9!

The web page below is more useful as it shows the current latest python release with all known core vulnerabilities fixed for each major version:


for a few other packages see:


so 3.{8,9}.19+ should fix all currently known security issues with 3.{8,9}; other releases are required for newer versions.

And 3.11.5 has issues, 3.11.9 is fixed: let your co IT know this!

Please note also that some vulnerabilities are specific to only certain platforms and capabilities e.g. Linux:


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