On 24/04/2024 23:36, Christopher Layne via Cygwin wrote:
On Wed, Apr 24, 2024 at 10:11:52PM +0000, Christopher Layne via Cygwin wrote:
Based on past threads I've read I believe the issue is actually with
windows not allowing a symlink to be created with a non-existent target,
but I do know windows does not care if you break a link after the fact.

Actually, after referring to some microsoft documentation, is this even


However, native symlinks do record the type (file or directory) of the destination, and (absent special knowledge) this cannot be determined if the destination doesn't exist (yet).

If I recall correctly, Cygwin doesn't care if the type recorded in the symlink is incorrect, but some parts of Windows do...

If it isn't true then this seems trivial to fix.

This assertion is trivially disproven by the lack of a patch attached. :)

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