The contact information, and preferably the host/mirror name, for the
mirror provided by Academic Computer Club (ACC) needs to be changed as
ACC is moving to a new domain. To verify the validity of this
message, point a web browser towards https://ftp.acc.umu.se/ and
notice that the top-level redirects to https://mirror.accum.se/. Also
notice the text about acc.umu.se at the top of the page.

Background: Umeå University has decided that non-official services are
no longer allowed to exist as a sub domain to umu.se. As a consequence
of this we are moving all services from the acc.umu.se domain.

Contact email:

Changes from ftp-...@acc.umu.se to ftp-...@accum.se. The old email
address will stop working sometime in the future.

File archive host name:

Official name changes from ftp.acc.umu.se to mirror.accum.se. The old
host name will continue to work for quite some time (years), but new
deployments should move to using a non-acc.umu.se name.  Since we are
lazy sysadmins, we have also registered the ac2.se (ACC=AC^2) domain
and lots of aliases so ftp.ac2.se also works.

If you have references to other acc.umu.se services (for example
www.acc.umu.se), replace the domain part with accum.se (ie

Remove mention of Umeå University:

Where appropriate, refer to us as:

Academic Computer Club in Umeå, Sweden

ie removing any mention of Umeå University.

Available bandwidth:

While not related to the domain move, we'd like to inform you that the
file archive now enjoys 200 Gbps connectivity to SUNET. Our servers
can't handle this quite yet, but we're looking at scaling up by
refreshing server hardware etc.

On behalf of the ACC file archive admins,


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