On 2024-05-26 16:44, David Dyck via Cygwin wrote:
After updating I still get the same error.

$ git clone -v https://github.com/lxml/lxml.git
Cloning into 'lxml'...
POST git-upload-pack (175 bytes)
POST git-upload-pack (gzip 8652 to 4282 bytes)
remote: Enumerating objects: 33941, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (3786/3786), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (1328/1328), done.
remote: Total 33941 (delta 2360), reused 3474 (delta 2243), pack-reused
Receiving objects: 100% (33941/33941), 20.20 MiB | 17.42 MiB/s, done.
fatal: fetch-pack: invalid index-pack output

$ cygcheck -srv >cygcheck.out
cygcheck: dump_sysinfo: GetVolumeInformation() for drive S: failed: 53

$ git --version
git version 2.45.1

$ cygcheck -c git
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version    Status
git                  2.45.1-1       OK

$  type git
git is hashed (/usr/bin/git)

attached cygcheck.out

Retry running git prefixed with PATH=/usr/bin:/bin/:/usr/sbin:/sbin
ISTR in the past having to lose MS dirs from my Cygwin PATH.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis              Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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