I am experiencing problem with Cygwin installation on the latest
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise version RC1. I am using the latest
setup.exe from Cygwin home page (as of yesterday). The setup runs fine
during the package selection and download phase. The installation
"hangs" when it tries to run the first of the postinstall shell

By "hang", I mean the process takes up 100% CPU for an indefinite
period of time. Even after I cancel the installation process, the bash
process keeps running. I had to kill the process using Task Manager.

I installed all the default selected packages plus Python 2.5.

When I manually start the bash.exe program by double-clicking on
"c:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe", I can use some of the commands okay (like
echo, ls, find, cat, less, etc). But again, if I invoke Python
interactive interpreter, it hangs. Interestingly, "python --version"
works fine. But "python <any-python-script>" hangs.

Is Cygwin supposed to work on Server 2008 yet? If so, are there any
known issues? I noticed that a similar problem was reported in August
on this list but did not find a solution.

Any help would be appreciated.


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