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A Wikiwhiner wrote

> > I have valid although perhaps unpopular
> > contributions to make, and not only is my freedom to express myself
> > limited, the quality of the material on Wikipedia suffers due to the
> > absence of my perspective.

Wow. Nice ego there.

> > The status quo is not acceptable and we
> > should work to find a solution.

> Leaving aside the qualitative discussion, let's remember that the freedom to
> express onesself does not imply the obligation for any other party to listen.

Nor the obligation for any other party to provide you with a soapbox.
Operate your own wiki if you don't like their decisions.

> Tor is transport layer.  Authentication for a specific service (such as
> Wikipedia) is the responsibility of that service and belongs in the session
> layer.

What Roy said. This Wikiwhiner might want to read up on the OSI model.
Conveniently, there's a Wikipedia article on it:

> An authenticated network and an anonymizing network are mutually exclusive.

True enough, but to make it clear, an anonymizing network is not
exclusive with an authenticated application. (Not necessarily so,
anyway. I haven't checked into TOR, but there's no good reason an HTML
hidden field couldn't provide session continuity for an anonymous web

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