At 05:37 PM 9/27/2005, lists wrote:
Tyler Durden wrote:
Sorry...I don't understand...why would psuedonymity services be provided within Tor?

I find the concept of having both pseudonymous and anonymous traffic
through TOR quite interesting. In some cases, you really do wish to just
TOR itself does not necessarily have to deal with this. There could be
services flowing through TOR that provide this. However, TOR nodes
implementing pseudonymous traffic for their own network seems more
natural and easier to do.

One way to build a psuedo-pseudonymous mechanism to hang off of Tor
that would be easy for the Wikipedians to deal with
would be to have a server that lets you connect to it using Tor,
log in using some authentication protocol or other,
then have it generate different outgoing addresses based on your ID.
So user #37 gets to initiate connections from,
  user #258 gets to initiate connections from, etc.

The reason to use Tor mechanisms is to make connection
potentially easier by reducing the number of mechanisms a client needs;
the reason to use different IP addresses is for Wikipedia's convenience.
It's mainly useful in environments where you can use private address space,
so if you're running it on a Tor-friendly location as opposed to
Wikipedia's rack space, you might want to tunnel it across the Internet
through something other mechanism such as GRE/L2TP/IPSEC/etc.

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