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TOR was originally developed as a result of CIA/NRL funding:)

compile your own client and examine sources if you have this particular brand of paranoia(I do)
change to an OS which makes this easy ...

BTW running TOR makes you very visible that you are running tor even as a client.. its quite a noisy protocol

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Tyler Durden wrote:

Can anyone suggest a tool for checking to see if my Tor client is performing any surreptitious signaling?

Seems to me there's a couple of possibilities for a TLA or someone else to monitor Tor users. Tor clients purchased online or whatever could possibly signal a monitoring agency for when and possibly where the user is online. This would mean that at bootup, some surreptitious packets could be fired off.

The problem here is that a clever TLA might be able to hide its POP behind the Tor network, so merely checking on IP addresses on outgoing packets wouldn't work.

Can anyone recommend a nice little package that can be used to check for unusual packets leaving my machine through the tor client?


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