Its unfortunate that some posters had to be reminded that anyone
calling for government-licensed "reporters" (and "religions", as one
author included) deserves to have their carbon recycled, because
of the treason to the BoR.  Tim May used to call government licensed
citizens "special objects".  Search for it.

If state violence is used against "unlicensed" practitioners, then
the state controls the practice.  Pharmacy provides another
example of this --the state controlling what you ingest.

It is also sad that no one pointed out that when compelled to
go before the Inquisition (aka grand jury) one is not compelled
to say anything.  So long as the BoR holds.  For instance, Dupe Miller
could have kept her crudely painted mouth shut, because she
could have worried that she would have incriminated herself, eg
in not reporting the felony of broadcasting a spook's identity.
Or worried about unknown charges that might be brought against
her; you never know what prosecutors will dream up.

Do not cooperate with fascists, occupying troops, etc.

(Speaking of which, are any anonymous offshore betting establishments
making odds on Ryan Lackey's lifespan?)

Impeach or frag.

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