Yo Variola! Did you notice the date stamp on that post?

Did you do a stint on "Survivor" or something?

Or as I said to the short-lived Tom Veil, "What, no Starbucks near your Unabomber shack?"


From: "Major Variola (ret)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: crypto on sonet is free, Tyler
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 19:52:10 -0700

At 03:15 PM 6/8/04 -0400, Tyler Durden wrote:
>Well, it's interesting to consider how/if that might be possible. SONET

>scrambles the payload prior to transmission..adding an additional
>layer prior to transmission would mean changing the line rate, so
probably a

Tyler, one can implement crypto at *arbitrary* line rates though the use

of multiple hardware engines and the right "mode" of operation.

If you don't use crypto you are broadcasting, as well as accepting
from anyone as authentic.  Its that simple.  Caveat receiver.

Impeach or frag.

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