At 9:27 PM -0700 10/27/05, cyphrpunk wrote:
>Every key has passed
>through dozens of hands before you get to see it. What are the odds
>that nobody's fucked with it in all that time? You're going to put
>that thing in your mouth? I don't think so.

So, as Carl Ellison says, get it from the source. Self-signing is fine, in
that case. "Certificates", CRLs, etc., become more and more meaningless as
the network becomes more geodesic.

>Using certificates in a P2P network is like using a condom. It's just
>common sense. Practice safe cex!

Feh. You sound like one of those newbs who used to leave the plastic wrap
on his 3.5" floppy so he wouldn't get viruses...

What part of "non-hierarchical" and "P2P" do you not understand?

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