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>  Tyler and Jayme left Iraq in May 2005. The Arbil office failed; there
>  wasn't enough business in Kurdistan. They moved to London, where Tyler
>  still works for SSI. His time in Iraq has transformed him to the extent
>  that, like Ryan, he doesn't think he can ever move back to the USA. His
>  years of living hyperintensely, carrying a gun, building an organization
>  from scratch in a war zone, have distanced him from his home. His friends
>  seem to him to have stagnated. Their concerns seem trivial. And living with
>  real, known, tangible danger has bred contempt for what he calls America's
>  "culture of fear."

Tyler likes the high-speed lifestyle so much that he ditched it and
moved to London?  I doubt he's carrying a gun there.

The six phases of a project:
I. Enthusiasm.         IV. Search for the Guilty.
II. Disillusionment.   V. Punishment of the Innocent.
III. Panic.            VI. Praise & Honor for the Nonparticipants.

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