( 05.10.26 09:17 -0700 ) James A. Donald:
> While many people are rightly concerned that DRM will
> ultimately mean that the big corporation, and thus the
> state, has root access to their computers and the owner
> does not, it also means that trojans, viruses, and
> malware does not.

do you really think this is true?

doesn't microsoft windows prove that remote control of computers only
leads to compromise? [especially in our heavily networked world]

and doesn't history show that big corporations are only interested in
revenue- so that if they get revenue by forcing you to pay them fees for
'upkeep' of your digital credentials to keep your computer working they
are going to do that.

the problems 'solved' by DRM can also be solved by moving to an
operating system where you have control of it, instead of an operating
system filled with hooks so other people can control your computer.

and that operating system is freely available ...

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