Bill Stewart wrote:

When I saw the title of this thread,
I was assuming it would be about getting Mozambique
or Sealand or other passports of convenience or coolness-factor
like the Old-School Cypherpunks used to do :-)

Actually the only passports that are significantly more convenient than US or UK ones (i.e. are more likely to get you in to more places with less fuss from locals in dark glasses) are from the northern European states without a reputation as colonialists - in particular Scandinavian countries & Ireland. Everyone likes them.

I know plenty of people who used to keep both an Irish and a British passport. Unlike you picky Americans our governments don't have any objection to people being citizens of as many places as they an get away with. And in the days of emigration (all has changed now) you could get an Irish passport if your granny had once spent a wet weekend in Downpatrick.

All our passports are being assimilated into EU ones at the moment so I don't know if this has changed.

We used to do the Israel/everywhere else thing as well and also would issue spare passports for other places that were unpopular. IIRC Pakistan at one time looked askance at passports that had been to India. South African visitors weren't popular in many countries. And I'm pretty sure that Britain sometimes issued spares to people who wanted to go to the USA after visiting Cuba or Iran (both increasingly popular holiday destinations from here) I strongly suspect that this has changed now that UK pass laws are taken as dictation from the USA.

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