Right! You CIA guys and gals, listen up!

We, have a right to pursue our utopian communities. In almost all cases
we will fail, and history bares this out - read John Taylor Gatto for
some references and historical analysis, or check everybody's favourite,
Wikipedia for the litany of failure.

Yet despite the almost certainty of failing to achieve our rickety
forest tracks as the yuppies invade, or whatever other variation of
humble utopian dream folks dream, it remains our right to try!

In the vigorous pursuit of TPTB to corral and shoe horn all those with a
bit of enthusiasm into strict compliance with the system and its so
called "laws", to brainwash and control every last soul supposedly
"under its jurisdiction" with no thought that we should be "under its
care", you end up bullying folks, descending into tyranny, attempting to
control at all costs.

   This must change.

There is another way, and it involves extending a little trust to "the
sheeple" those subjects so despised. "The system's" "freedom to use the
system's money, be taxed and travel with papers issued by the system and
otherwise operate within the bounds of the existing system" is not
enough freedom.

The sense and desire for freedom may be a universal, yet the experience
of freedom is deeply personal.

Without respecting the personal, the individual, freedom is rarely
experienced despite democratic hails and MSM proclamations to the
contrary; instead the limits of the system, the tyranny of the system
against its own and the endless hypocrisy of the elite are experienced
and witnessed, and this is what dominates the consciousness of the

Truth be told, many self-called anarchists crave stability, balking at
the shocking excesses of the oligarchs causing grave instability, death
and destruction the world over!

And you say to us "don't you worry your little heads, the big boys have
it all under control".

And you think such patronising condescension will have us put trust in

Raise the bar of possibility.

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