...is apparently when it comes to targeting human rights activists with

> Trident is used in a spyware product called Pegasus, which according to an 
> investigation by Citizen Lab, is developed by an organization called NSO 
> Group. NSO Group is an Israeli-based organization that was acquired by U.S. 
> company Francisco Partners Management in 2010, and according to news reports 
> specializes in “cyber war.” Pegasus is highly advanced in its use of 
> zero-days, obfuscation, encryption, and kernel-level exploitation.
> We have created two reports that discuss the use of this targeted attack 
> against political dissidents and provide a detailed analysis of the malicious 
> code itself. In its report, Citizen Lab details how attackers targeted a 
> human rights defender with mobile spyware, providing evidence that 
> governments digitally harass perceived enemies, including activists, 
> journalists, and human rights workers. In its report, Lookout provides an 
> in-depth technical look at the targeted espionage attack that is actively 
> being used against iOS users throughout the world.
> Read more: Sophisticated, persistent mobile attack against high-value targets 
> on iOS:


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