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> On 09/08/2016 10:13 PM, juan wrote:

> > 
> >     I only 'abuse' people who advocate mass abuse. If I sound
> > like a broken record it's because there are other broken records
> >     constantly promoting things like 'regulation', 'governments'
> >     'fake anonimty networks', making excuses for the pentagon
> > and big businesses, etc, etc, etc.
> You do raise many valid points. But the problem for me is that it's
> impossible to substantively discuss anything with you. 

        Oh, I know my patience is...somewhat...limited =P

> Because, with
> few exceptions, you seem just so certain that you're right. 

        But is that a big problem? I assume the vast majority of
        people think they are right. Even you have made a few claims
        about political anarchy and quantum mechanics that you defended
        in a rather...incomplete way.

> Given my
> background as a scientist and esthole,

        That would beg the question, what is science? By science do you
        mean narrow technical questions that can be investigated by
        experiment? Well, in that  case I wouldn't mind being more
        tolerant, open minded and polite. 

        But that's not the kind of 'science' that's usually discussed
        in this list. The stuff discussed in this list, apart from
        computing stuff is mostly political and philosophical. So, when
        people come up with notions that are patently absurd, like,
        "obey google's terms of service", I tend to...abuse them.

        (I can't find esthole in the dictionary, I can't figure out
        what word you misspelt, if that's a misspelling, and I can't
        figure out the pun, if it is a pun... =/ )

> I have little patience for that
> attitude. 

        So your patience is limite too =P

> It's pointless, and I have more interesting things to do.

        Well, you are not forced to disuss anything with me =P

> >     Oh and there even are lunatics like cyber-swine here...
> At least they keep it short, and sometimes even funny ;)

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