On 9/15/16 12:01 AM, juan wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Sep 2016 23:45:31 -0700
> "Stephen D. Williams" <s...@lig.net> wrote:
>> On 9/14/16 11:11 PM, oshwm wrote:
>>> Unless the peoples minds can be 'reprogrammed' then those of us
>>> subversive types who have somehow avoided being brainwashed will
>>> become criminals according to the state.
>       The vast majority of grownups can't be reprogrammed, educated
>       or reasoned with. 

Mostly true it seems.  Not strictly true I don't think, but in terms of a 
stubborn habit, effectively true.

>> American TV and movies don't help?  ;-)
>       Just look at the kind of stuff people like Stephen write.

Only if you can handle the truth, or at least a close approximation.  ;-)  Not 
many can.


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