On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 07:11:19AM +0100, oshwm wrote:
> The UK Gov has spent two generations indoctrinating people right from
> birth that privacy is only for bad people, big corporations will look
> after them, gov dependency is a good thing, debt is a good thing,
> politics is of no interest and too complicated for them etc etc

But people keep sharing. We'll know they've succeeded when common folk
dob each other in for "sharing".

> Only subversive types would think otherwise and so any of you opposing
> their plans are quite simply extremists and terrorists.


> Unless the peoples minds can be 'reprogrammed' then those of us
> subversive types who have somehow avoided being brainwashed will
> become criminals according to the state.

s/will/already have become/

> So, Brits on the list, expect a bumpy ride.

Not just the UK - Australia, USA, surely other countries too?

The good thing is that the pressure for digital privacy and anonymity
tools may increase...

Now where's that Tor plugin for my bittorrent client again?

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