V for Vendetta has a fairly 'underground-ish' following in UK.

Although I think most of those that have watched it have simply written it off 
as an amusing tale about a near future that would never happen as our gov 
woyldn't ever get that bad :)

In terms of things such as self-defence, the gov heavily push the idea that you 
don't need to defend yourself, just call the police instead - needless to say, 
they're only really effective at shooting innocent Brazilians or defending the 
gov itself.

people have been taught to be weak, to accept their fate and do as they're told.

On 15 September 2016 07:45:31 GMT+01:00, "Stephen D. Williams" <s...@lig.net> 
>On 9/14/16 11:11 PM, oshwm wrote:
>> The UK Gov has spent two generations indoctrinating people right from
>birth that privacy is only for bad people, big corporations
>> will look after them, gov dependency is a good thing, debt is a good
>thing, politics is of no interest and too complicated for
>> them etc etc
>> Only subversive types would think otherwise and so any of you
>opposing their plans are quite simply extremists and terrorists.
>Did the movie V for Vendetta play in the UK much?
>We do hear surprising things, like self defense being practically
>We've gone mostly the other way.  We're chock full of subversives and
>subversive preparation in case it is needed.  This takes a
>number of forms, including guns, stand your ground laws, etc.  Just the
>other day someone was showing me his handgun, complete with
>silencer.  Legal and licensed for concealed carry in that state,
>including the silencer.
>The worst problems, in places like Chicago and parts of Oakland, are
>that whole areas have gone somewhat subversive and rogue, at
>least at certain times.  This could be thought of as undirected
>subversiveness.  Google 'sideshows Oakland' for some interesting
>> Unless the peoples minds can be 'reprogrammed' then those of us
>subversive types who have somehow avoided being brainwashed will
>> become criminals according to the state.
>American TV and movies don't help?  ;-)
>> So, Brits on the list, expect a bumpy ride.
>> On 15 September 2016 00:07:44 GMT+01:00, grarpamp
><grarp...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>     The 90's was simple existance, not the depth of mass application.
>If people
>>     think the 90's was the last fight, or a big fight, or some kind
>>     defining success,
>>     it's suggested they're terribly mistaken. The application is
>causing govt's and
>>     useless legacy power structures worldwide to lose some control in
>certain areas,
>>     and they're approaching panic mode. When an animal is panicked,
>>     gets ugly, fast.
>>     You don't want that. Yet you can't turn back. So you need to push
>the envelope
>>     harder, faster... so as to make panic mode but a forgone blink in
>time, rebuffed
>>     by the legion of myriad pressure against them... and push them
>>     straight into a feeble
>>     state of shock, then kill them before they can regain composure
>>     enact vengeance.
>>     Keep yer sails full, keels wet, and cannon hot.

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