On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 03:12:23PM -0400, grarpamp wrote:
> If a given port doesn't have a package, maybe invest in committing the
> build bits to your OS of choice so that it does.

Actually, I am talking about stuff out of /usr/ports. What has gotten
my system kind of fucked up is changing default options (running make
config in the port and tweaking something). After building and running
make install it is "converted" to a pkg but it no longer matches up
with the binary builds distributed by FreeBSD because I screwed with
the options... 

Additionally, "pkg audit" gives me bizarre results sometimes, e.g.
"perl5.16 is EOL"... well, yes perl5.16 is installed on my system, but
so is perl5.20 (which is the default). And the problem is there is
no longer a /usr/ports/lang/perl5.16 to run "make uninstall", and
trying to remove it with "pkg remove perl5.16" attempts to wipe out
ALL SORTS of stuff that has no actual dependency on this deprecated
version of perl which I have chmod -x'd.

So, I leave the mode 0000 /usr/local/bin/perl5.16 and delete the
package entry for it out of /var/db/pkg/local.sqlite. Quite ugly I

Anyway, its mainly a hobby server for me, so I don't mind just
building everything from source. I have plans to start it over using
poudriere from the beginning (this was the first time I have revisited
FreeBSD in 10 years or so..). 


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