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Can the name of the network be "Password is password"?

>Hold a second, Jim...i'm on the phone with the senior judge from the European 
>Court now. Well, the judge says 
<<Yeah. the name of the network could also be "FuckTheState">>,  he claims.
<<The only condition is.... to REVEAL it to the state.
>In the "rest" - you are totally fRRRee! :)>>
I think it's unfortunate that people can't "automatically" share some of their 
(otherwise unused) WiFi capacity.  Many people would do this, as long as a few 
restrictions are in place: 1.   A person sharing shouldn't be legally liable 
for anything done;  2.  The owner gets to use "all" of the capacity when 
needed; the external user only gets space when available.   3.   The IP 
addresses of "his" use and that of the "external" use be unrelated in any way.  
Interestingly, Comcast/Xfinity has a somewhat automatic system of this kind:  
Boxes are called "gateways" and, in effect, have two WiFi routers:  One for the 
owner and the other for anyone else.  (However, to use the other side, you need 
to be a subscriber somewhere or have his password/permission.)  For news of an 
objection to this, see:
              Jim Bell


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