> Ah well you miss the point entirely.
> Or maybe you should just stick to coding.


Look, I am just trying to intimate that this isn't new, or especially
fucking different, from any other day. I don't get my panties all in a
bunch about normal shit.

Yeah, there are front organizations, and powerful people playing all
manner of shady games. No fucking shit. How is this different than any
other day for the last 2000 years?

It's like you're amazed that the sky is cloudy. No fucking shit kid,
welcome to reality.

Show me a solid plan for what we can do to turn the sky blue, and I'm all
ears. Failing that, YES -- its far better to do something productive,
whether thats coding, or just jerking off, than belly aching about the
numerous games the powerful play.

You fall into that racket, and you're just another type of establishment
tool. A chicken running around with its head cut off, wailing about all
the fucked up shit. Normies will just call you a conspiracy theorist crazy
and tune out, and in the meantime, you'll be so busy jumping from one foot
to the next keeping track of what moves who made, you won't have time to
DO anything to jam up the system, or find a spot to stick a well placed
monkey wrench.

Don't worry so much about what moves the chess masters are making. Look
for a way to pull the fire alarm and drench the whole fucking lot of them
to get the games canceled.

And I'm NOT saying one shouldn't be informed. I'm saying one shouldn't let
it effect your emotional state. Get a fucking grip.

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