USA, the empire of ehaos, empire of assholes, empire of murderers.

Hopefully this is as close as Russia and America get to overt confront.


How do you bomb the crap out of a highly strategic military air port in
Syria, for 50 minutes straight, when that airport is being used to ferry
food and medicine to the population the ISIS beseiged Syrian city of
Deir al Zor?

Oh, and just to highlight the problem, you the USA and your "coalition"
fighter pilots have in the process murdered 80 Syrian military officers,
wounded over 100 more, and due to decimating the Syrian "sovereign"
government forces in the area due to your attacks, ISIS attacks in
parallel to seize a strategic hill or two under the cover of your 50
minute bombing raid?

And the airport has had western journalists visit and talk to the local
officers who claim vehemently to be defending the world against Wahhabi

And your dirty deed is in the far east of Syria, near the Iraqi border,
you're as far as you could be from Russian forces, but you know the
Russians are gonna be seriously pissed off - what would -you- say?

"We got confused, since we allegedly targetted this area a year ago when
it was held by ISIL" perhaps?

Welp, you start out by arranging your bombing raid on the last day of a
negotiated cease fire, so folks are hoping that cease fire gonna
continue, or be extended.

Then, when you're a senior officer in the US Department of Defense
(defense? really?) you first claim "oh gee, I guess it might have been
possible, we have bombed a lot of targets", then finally you proclaim to
have made a "mistake".

Because you know, America, the exceptional nation and all - couldn't
possibly admit to coordingating such a murder campaign with their ISIL
trainees . .

When Russia destroyed the USA "elite training base" near the southern
Syrian border, they gave notice to the American coalition, to evacuate
their special forces there (which America duly did, despite grumbling).

America, the land of exceptional integrity, exceptional dignity and
exceptional morals, standing out above all other nations as the nation,
and the people, to watch.

World, watch your back, 'cause a dying dragon got sharp claws...

UN Security Council meeting discussing this event:

In other news, Turkey chases US Soldiers out of town:

Britain, another "honourable" nation:

The Philippines' Duterte gives America the royal middle finger salute:
Duterte has stood up to the US to global applause, calling Obama a “son
of a bitch” and the US Ambassador a “gay son of a whore”

Merkel no longer electable:

China is delighted with the USA, Russia couldn't be happier with all the
honoured cease fires negotiated by American secretary of state, all of
South America is rootin for Hillary and the war party, and Europe knows
it has stability and loyalty in hand with their American ally (as do we
Aussies). America - the warm and cuddly, loyal and generous
international partner.


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