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 Subject: Re: [RUS] USA media meltdown (e.g. "It's Official: Hillary Clinton Is 
Running Against Vladimir Putin")
>"Alternative" media having fun with Hillary :)

I read late neurologist Oliver Sacks' book, "The man who mistook his wife for a 
hat" about 20-25 years ago.  In one story, as I vaguely recall, he described 
showing a political speech to a room full of 'aphasics', people who can't 
understand the meaning of actual speech, but who can 'read' issues of honesty 
(or lack of same) very well.   They all laughed
"Maybe the best place to start is an excerpt from The Man Who Mistook His Wife 
for a Hat, one of the most beloved books from Oliver Sacks, a collection of 
clinical tales about patients with neurological disorders. The book includes 
accounts about aphasia as well. One of those tales relates the story of 
patients with the severest receptive or global aphasia who had gathered to 
watch the President speaking. It begins like this:
What was going on? A roar of laughter from the aphasia ward, just as the 
President’s speech was coming on, and they had all been so eager to hear the 
President speaking…
Dr. Sacks has had many encouraging words for people with aphasia, even those 
who have had the hardest of luck.
I think that even in the most severely affected patients, something can be 
done. If not by way of recovering their language, by way of making life more 
tolerable and more fun."[end of partial quote]
         Jim Bell


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