Some good points being raised, on sl1shd()t no less:

What is a traitor?

When is it appropriate to label someone a traitor?

When is doing so, an attempt at manipulative propaganda?

This reply, amongst others, is on point:
> 1. Loyalty to country / oath = precisely not ignoring illegal actions.
> 2. Doesn't really matter what her initial motivation was - she could
> have done it because she was a dirty racist who didn't like the
> President's color, for all I care.
> 2. Give evidence that she did it "deliberately, willfully to hurt
> [her] nation" please.
> She didn't seriously injure her country or try to destabilise it
> or encourage war against it. She did not cooperate with a foreign
> nation. She was acquitted of "aiding the enemy". To stick the
> "traitor" label on her is ridiculous.
> (Also, to stubbornly stick with "him" suggests you're not really
> interested in facts and are emtionally clouded.)

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