I don't know who "coderman" is, nor do I really give a fuck. But rather
than let such a lame attempt at an insult go, and leaving me feeling
unsatisfied, I reckon I'll have a proper go round.

My mum's so old she shits oil. I haven't been fucked in so long, my donger
grew hands and so it could jerk itself off. I'm just a stupid fucking

There. That's better. Fuck, if you're going to do something at least make
a halfshit attempt at it.

And Zen, while I'll be happy to wax philosophical about a great many
things, if I beg your pardon there .. I'm not here for shared common
delusions or shifting society and all that shit. That's for real life, ya
know mate? I'm here for the fucking lulz, and I hold out hope that maybe a
novel crypto system will get discussed.

But since I have to insult my fucking self and no one talks crypto, its
looking a might dry on both counts.

> On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 07:09:43PM -0400, rooty wrote:
>> Empty Message
> :D
> Very appropriate addy to go with that too.
> Notwithstanding a previous nom/nim/name/id (inner demon), what is
> important is our shared common delusions, and how we might possibly
> shift towards a shared future commonly deluded to be "better" than
> what we live in today.
> If I were a USAian, you -know- which state I'd be migrating to... ;0

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