On Sep 20, 2016 8:46 AM, "John Newman" <j...@sigaint.org> wrote:
> > Sean Lynch:
> > we already knew social skills
> > weren't [Zen's] strong suit.
> > Cecilia Tanaka:
> > Zen will say you are "bullying".
> > I [don't] care about his opinion.
> Because you two do more than cry and use lots of useless words.
> Stupid fuckers.
> Bullies XD

Hmm...  Why are you using John Newman's name, please?  I am a cute "stupid
fucker" and I really like him very much.  This e-mail address isn't his,
dear, and his writing style is different...  :P

Answers in private, if you wish.  Bullying kisses!  :*


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