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> >The main problem is this scales upwards till infinity via arguments of
> >the form "who simulates the simulator?" and "who made what was before
> >the big bang?".
> It's turtles all the way down.... Actually, I like to think
> that the universe is infinite and forever, except current
> models predict heat death once entropy is reached in
> some enormous amount of time...
> But who fucking knows, really?

Didn't Terry Pratchett claim in Disc World that the world is run on
top of giant turtle? And depicted the big bang as "In the beginning 
there was nothing, and it exploded"?

As for the "standard model" of "real reality", it changes often.

For me a plausible counter example appears a late Bulgarian
phenomenon Baba Vanga (Баба Ванга), who allegedly could predict
future with high accuracy and see in the past. She survived 
practicing in times of advanced socialism, not telling ill people 
they will die soon. 
I can't figure out how this doesn't break causality, neither care.

Call me a crazy nut for the above.

The wikipedia page about her, likely with a lot of disinformation:

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