On Sep 21, 2016 2:29 AM, "Александр" <afalex...@gmail.com> wrote:
> oh oh oh... so much private information.... and WHAT an information....
we should start LAving you, xorcist. Just lAving you!!! What a holy man we
got on the list... on day three he opens his hEAAAArt in front of all of us.

I was lurking for a long, long time on tor-talk list, but when I decided to
break my silence because of that disgusting JakeGate, I told about rapes,
ménage a trois and bullying in a hackerspace in my first public days...  Am
I a fake persona too?  Or just an indiscreet person trying to explain some
hard subjects using my own past as example?  ;)

>  There are Invincible GUARDS here on the list for suckers like you.
Zenaan and Juan are their names.

Please, Alex, flirt with Zen and Juan in private.  I am very cheesy, but
this kind of thing is pretty embarrassing in some moments...  :-/

Kisses, take care!  :*


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