> I disagree.

> Therefore, the one and only effective way to get back freedom is to
> shutdown the tyranny. Maybe weapons are required, like in the US
> independence war, maybe a massive amount of people is required, like we
> east germans did in 1989.
> Anything else are illusions.

Valid points.

I don't pin much hope on violence, though. Violent revolution has never
produced any type of long-lasting freedom. At best, a short respite from
tyranny.. like lancing an infection to let out just enough pus to relieve
the pain, but no antibiotics for a cure.

US independence is a great example. Their declaration of independence
lists charges against the King of England. Today, it strongly parallels
the US government's lesser infractions.

All violence does is to transfer power to a new group, and perhaps
consolidate it further. It does nothing to dissipate it.

Mass scale strikes or protests might have a better chance. At least that
sets a foundation not predicated on violence, and therefore coercion,
which is the premise of all government and all tyrannies.

I don't see insurrection as a real way forward, just an outlet for
inevitable frustration before we start the cycle over again. Maybe that is
inevitable, but I don't like to believe that.

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