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On 09/21/2016 08:34 PM, Razer wrote:
> On 09/21/2016 12:03 PM, Xer0Dynamite wrote:
>> Show me the Law(s) that makes it so.
>> \0x
> Guns make it so. Law enforcement owns about 99.9% of all the
> military style weaponry.

Collusion between Legislators, Judges, Prosecutors and other attorneys
make it so.  Software code is interpreted by machines without
conflicts of interest or hands out for bribes.  Legal code is
interpreted by semi-humans who chose "power over others" as their
career path and invested a lot of energy and money in gaining that power

> We managed to preserve our right to keep military grade rifles and 
> machine guns, so we all muster down on the Town Common with our
> guns.
> We tried voting.
> We tried protesting.
> This is a reasonable time to start with the armed insurrection
> stuff.

A reasonable time to demonstrate the painful ignorance and delusional
beliefs our rulers have given us, to assure that we stay ruled.  Armed
insurrection, before the revolution process has even started, is a
gesture of suicide/surrender we have been taught to perform.  Think of
it as the ultimate act of obedience to established authority.

A revolution is won or lost before the first publicly acknowledged
shot is fired.  The shooting war is the last phase, its purpose to pry
the fingers of a stubborn ruling class off the levers of power /after/
their rule has already been rendered obsolete and irrelevant by
changes in the actual economic and social behavior of their subjects.
 Otherwise it's a coup, not a revolution.  A revolution is "the world
turned upside down."  A coup just changes out the old bastards for a
new set of bastards, usually worse ones.

The people in those Crown Colonies that became United States started
refusing to pay taxes and surcharges, ignoring the orders of Crown
authorities, and constructing their own systems of commerce and
governance long before that "shot heard 'round the world."  The
Revolutionary War was more a response to a campaign by the Crown to
take the Colonies back over, than a struggle to kick established
rulers out.  That is why the Revolutionary War had the necessary
organization and mass public support to succeed.

I found the bits of this essay addressing the Revolutionary War very
interesting, largely because I had not previously seen anything
similar in print anywhere:



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