AK47's are useless?

The Afghani's repelled the Soviets with manual-action rifles from WWI and
WWI. Then took their AK47's and repelled NATO.

And the Taliban is still there.

So I think they'd take exception with this.

But there are good points to it. The ability for insurrection is largely

But nothing is impossible if you're willing to die.

> On 09/21/2016 12:03 PM, Xer0Dynamite wrote:
>> Show me the Law(s) that makes it so.
>> \0x
> Guns make it so. Law enforcement owns about 99.9% of all the military
> style weaponry.
> Have you ever seen this bit @Popehat:
> In 1776, when the height of military technology was a musket and a
> cannon, both of which you could make by melting down church bells, there
> might have been something to it. When the contest was little more than
> numbers of guns you could drag through the woods, and how to play the
> weather, the government probably did need to worry a bit about
> insurrection – and that might have kept them a bit more honest.
> However, the first time someone tried that kind of thing, it didn't work
> out so well. In fact, Shays' Rebellion just led to Constitutional tweaks
> to make the federal government that much stronger. The Civil War led to
> even more, with harsher consequences.
> If 13 states, with the assistance of at least one superpower, didn't
> manage to get their way through armed insurrection, what the hell makes
> anyone think that armed insurgency is going to preserve our right to …
> whatever … not have affordable health care, or to coffee cups that say
> "Happy Birthday Jesus" on them?
> Ok, fine… lets come up with a cause worth fighting for.
> Lets say that Obama refuses to step down in 2016, and he not only
> declares himself dictator-for-life, but he also starts dressing like
> Ghadaffi, decrees that the national religion shall be Islam, the
> national language will be Klingon, there will be an efficient rail
> network in the United States, the writ of Prima Noctae is now in effect,
> and there shall be martial law to enforce all of the above, as well as
> any other laws that the President invents, on a daily basis.
> We managed to preserve our right to keep military grade rifles and
> machine guns, so we all muster down on the Town Common with our guns.
> We tried voting.
> We tried protesting.
> This is a reasonable time to start with the armed insurrection stuff.
> So, you, me, all our neighbors, hell our entire city builds a perimeter
> around it. We fill sandbags, we all have ammunition, we all have food,
> water, supplies, and most importantly, we are all unified and in
> complete solidarity.
> And we stand there, resisting whatever it is the government was going to
> do to us.
> And then they fly over with one jet, dropping one FAE bomb, and roll in
> with three tanks, and in about 12 hours, our "resistance" is reduced to
> a few smoking holes.
> The Tree of Liberty will get its manure all right, but it will be the
> manure that you s

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