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On 09/21/2016 10:50 PM, Razer wrote:
> On 09/21/2016 06:32 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:

>> rulers out.  That is why the Revolutionary War had the necessary 
>> organization and mass public support to succeed.
> There was no American Revolution. Revolutions are based on
> ideology.
> Greed IS NOT an ideology.

In my view, Religion is about ideology and Politics is about power.
Since Greed is about power, a political revolution has little if
anything to do with ideology, except in that ideological propaganda
(emotionally charged fact-free bullshit) is always employed to
persuade people to support and participate in revolutions - or to
violently oppose them, as the propagandists' employers may direct.

> ("...started refusing to pay taxes and surcharges, ignoring the
> orders of Crown authorities, and constructing their own systems of
> commerce..." That favored ***THEIR*** WHITE RICH MALE interests.)

Well duh.  Before the American Revolution, holders of Crown land
grants were the most wealthy and powerful people in the Colonies.
After the American Revolution, former holders of Crown land grants
were the most wealthy and powerful people in the States.  The U.S.
Constitution was written for the purpose of creating a Federal
authority capable of stomping down popular uprisings against abuses of
power by these same de facto rulers.

American racism was invented by the same fine folks, as a response to
slave uprisings earlier in Colonial history:  By granting White
"indentured" slaves special privileges, they successfully divided the
conquered.  That process has continued uninterrupted, with adaptations
to accommodate changing conditions, until the present day: In Obama's
Amerika, any black person with a Master's Degree or above is as good
as any white person - all others pay in blood.

Which is why we need more revolutions, beginning with establishing
alternative ways of life that reduce or eliminate the role of today's
rulers and the passionately held, completely false Truths they dictate
to our own communities.  Big job?  The biggest.  If not for the
pending collapse of the global material economy, I would call it an
impossible job - vs. one of the most important jobs anyone could be
working on today.

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