In the mind of the middle of the bell curve, the state has legitimacy in
the exercise of its authority, to a fair degree.

This perceived legitimacy arises from the group:
 - the perceived consent of the group/ majority
 - the input/vote by the "governed" or "controlled"

The state loses legitimacy due to
 - exercise of power beyond moral foundation
 - abuse of power by officers of the authority
 - duopoly: two parties both funded by the same oligarchs

The legitimacy of any social order/ system arises from the shared,
implied / tacit and or explicit, consent of the "governed".

Consent can be:
 - implicit/ tacit
   - the people don't protest / object
   - the people vote at elections, and the rest is taken as a "mandate"
     for the winning party

 - explicit vote on every issue
   - like Switzerland
   - direct democracy style

Possible foundations / principles / thought hooks:
 - delegated power and authority, by people, to an external authority
 - duration of delegation of any authority (duration of a parliament
   until the next election, vs duration as voted on by the people)
 - every activity is lawful except that a supermajority votes against it
 - every activity on the commons is unlawful except that a law voted by
   a supermajority allows it

- When must a majority be merely a majority (50%+),
- when must it be a supermajority (50%+ across all sub groups,
  or e.g. 60% or 75% across all voters)?

Divisions of power and authority:
 - individual
 - family, small group
 - large group, corporation, state
 - geographic vs intention/ agreement to group
 - home level, street level, suburb, city, state, nation

No authority except by consent of he who shall be imposed upon.

Any change will require a concensus - speak your hierarchy of principles
in a way Joe Sixpack can hear you.

Choose a grand goal, but carefully consider the steps between now,
and the end goal, and how to obtain agreement or mutual consent in
conversation with Joe to a ladder of principles which ultimately
achieves desired end goal.

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