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>> On 09/21/2016 08:15 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:
>>> Since Greed is about power, a political revolution has little if
>> anything to do with ideology,
>> There's an ideological difference between communism and capitalism.
>> Ideally communism should mean the elimination of greed as a driving
>> force in a society. Including greed for power.
> You cannot eliminate human nature.

But it's absolutely VOLUNTARILY modifiable to suit.

You believe in predestination too?

> Greed and lust for power are tendencies of human nature.

To what degree? Are you entirely obsessive compulsive about it or is it
less pronounced? (Do you use your superpowers for good or evil as
measured by the rest of the tribe? And does it 'scale' from the tribe to
the rest of the larger community, and that larger community..).

There ARE societies on the Earth today that DO NOT put the individual
first. Ofc NOT "Western Industrial Societies".

A while back, maybe 5 or ten years ago, I read a story about an
anthropologist working in an African village and he went and bought some
candy for the kids...

He, like a hyper-competitive westerner might do, made them race to a
tree for it. When the winner grabbed the boo-tay the child started
handing it out to the other kids.

When the anthropologist asked why he didn't keep it all the child had a
very simple reply.

"But how could I be happy if all my friends are sad?"

I don't think you're aware of how truly fucked up beyond all recognition
(spelled out intentionally) industrial societies are.

But you WOULD BE if bombs to get the oil and other resources to make the
computer you and I use were falling on YOUR CHILD'S head.

Dimitry Orlov's blogger friend responds to "How (not) to Organize a
Community" with a post called "But what IS community".

This is Orlov's Forward:

"This is another guest post from Yevgeny, which he wrote in response to
my article How (not) to Organize a Community. He poses what, to a
Russian, seems an obvious question: “How (not) to organize a WHAT?” You
see, upon close examination the English word “community” turns out to be
all but meaningless..."


In the original piece he spells out in great detail how the outcasts of
a society build a stronger, more resilient one.

They're also likely to be marauders. That's the end result of
cooperative societies ejecting the non-cooperative members.

They band together like the psychopaths they are, and exact vengeance on
the ejecting community.

Mirmir and I had an interesting off-list chat about a group like that in
US counterculture. The "STP Family" and concurrent "'A' Camp", the Bane
of Rainbow Gatherings.

In the larger context there are people making BILLIONS of dollars from
the breakdown of cohesion, the social atomization, of humanity.

They are my enemy.


> But perhaps it is possible to commoditize politics, rather than have
> politics be a tool for the wealthy and powerful?
> (How? Good question - time to hack concepts.)

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