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"Three years after Aaron Schwartz's tragic death, the fight for free access
to knowledge is far from over. Following Schwartz’s path, Alexandra
Elbakyan <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandra_Elbakyan>, a graduate
student from Kazakhstan, has been making the headlines since 2011, when she
founded Sci-Hub <http://sci-hub.cc/> (at the age of 22). In the vein of
what *AAAAARG* <http://aaaaarg.fail/> has been doing since 2000, “the
website provide mass and public access to research papers”"....

Find here <
the MoneyLab latest blog post: "Liberating Academic Papers from Behind
their Paywalls".

--*Leila Ueberschlag | Intern MoneyLab#3* Institute of Network Cultures
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences | HvA MoneyLab <
http://networkcultures.org/moneylab/> | 1&2 Dec 2016 | Pakhuis de Zwijger,
Amsterdam www.networkcultures.org @INCAmsterdam <

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